• Liquid Analyzers & Analytical Instrumentation

    Segal Process Analytics offers a comprehensive range of Process Analysers and Analytical Instrumentation for industrial processes in the petrochemical, chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries. Our specialties: pH/ORP, Conductivity, TOC, Dissolved Oxygen, Dissolved CO2, Turbidity, pressure, temperature, flow, Level…

  • Gas analyzers and Dust monitors

    Our collaboration with foreign business partners and consultancies has enabled us to supply a broad line of gas analyzers; Tunable Diode Laser Analyzers, Oxygen analyzers, Moisture Analyzers, stack gas analyzers, dust monitors, Process mass spectrometers ,process gas chromatographs…

  • Icon scientific process analysers

  • Redesigned from the inside out, with you in mind.

    Segal is the sole authorized representative in Iran for the product range of icon scientific, we also provide excellent after sales service for these instruments. icon scientific’s world-leading physical property analysers are designed for a wide range of production, transportation and storage applications for midstream and downstream processing markets. Built on trusted physical measurement principles, icon analysers deliver better levels of accuracy and repeatability for more measurement certainty, while operational safety is engineered into the heart of every analyser. The result is precision performance that guarantees product quality, improves process control, enhances plant safety – and maximises profit.

  • Class-leading process analysers:

    icon offers a full spectrum of testing and analysis equipment that includes cloud point analysers, freeze point analysers, flash point analysers, colour and opacity analysers, distillation analysers, and vapour pressure analysers. By continually developing new products, we are committed to delivering the complete, world-leading solution for physical process analysis for midstream and downstream fuel production.

  • Sampling Systems & products

    In the challenging application of Steam and Water sampling, we can resolve issues of high temperature and pressure of sample by offering sampling products to you from worldwide leading manufacturers. Key components: Sample Coolers, Pressure Reducing Elements, Thermal Shut off Valve, Back Pressure Regulator Valve, Relief valves, Refillable Cation Exchange Resin Columns, Rotameters, Needle Valves, Sample Chillers…

  • ECT Systems

    ECT Instruments Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of Electrical Capacitance Tomography instruments. ECT Instruments Ltd has developed the AC-ECT system based on many years of research experience and is the only company who provides AC-ECT systems. Segal is the sole authorized representative of ECT systems in Iran, we also provide excellent after sales service for the systems.